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Check-in at the airport

The check-in process tells the airline with which you will travel that the passenger has made the last process and is ready to boarding.

In the Murcia Region airport, as in any other airport, please check on arrival the information screens about the check-in desk designated to your airline and flight. Is highly recommend while you are waiting for your flight to watch out this information due to possible last-minute changes gate changes or modifications on the scheduled departure.

On the information screens you can see your flight, listed according to the time of departure, flight numbers and airline companies, the destinations, the counter where you can check-in your luggage and the corresponding boarding gates, if already assigned.

After the check-in of your luggage at the corresponding counter, you will receive your boarding pass, which indicates your boarding gate. With the departure time approaching, the departure gate does also appear on the information screens. Please don't hesitate to contact the staff at the information desks and at the check-in counters, in case of any doubts.

To avoid queues at the time of airport check-in, many companies allow online check-in in advance, from your home, office or mobile device. In addition, some companies have installed self-check-in machines in the Passenger Terminal at the airport, but Murcia airport doesn't have self-check-in machines in the airport.

Check-in and boarding keep in mind

The passenger should be at the check-in counter at least with :
For No Schengen flights: 3 hours prior the departure scheduled time.
For Schengen and domestic flights: 2 hours prior the departure scheduled time.
Note that there might be many people at peak travel periods or special event dates.

Keep an eye on the information panels, as there may exceptionally occur last-minute changes.

Please make sure that you carry all of your belongings with you before leaving the check-in counter: personal documents, boarding pass, and ID or passport.

Once you have finished the check-in process and get the Boarding Pass, please head to the corresponding boarding gate through the security controls -to check the necessary documents and if there is any prohibited items in your hand luggage-, checkpoints located on level 1.

Check the necessary documents and prohibited items in hand luggage to access the boarding area and your flight.
Boarding gates at the airport.

Check in online

It is available 24-48 hours before the flight departure time and it closes 1-2 hours before departure. This system allows the airline to confirm the passenger assistance to the flight, and in most cases, the passenger can select the seat on the plane.

If you think your bags will exceed the baggage allowance, some airlines let you pre-purchase additional baggage allowance while check-in online. The excess baggage rates are lower during this process than in the airport counters.

How does the check-in online?

Visit the website of your airline and identify yourself as a user. Sometimes is enough with the flight locator and the surname of the passenger. Follow the instructions of the check-in online page to print the boarding pass, or receive this information on your mobile as a Bar Coded Boarding Pass -or BCBP. The use it to print the boarding pass in the self-check-in machines at the airport.

Mobile boarding pass sample

The mobile boarding pass

The Bar Coded Boarding Pass or mobile boarding pass is an image with a 2D code that contains all the essential data of the flight and the passenger, in a readable form for the self-check-in machines. It is given by the airline in the last step of the check-in online.

Check-in counters and boarding gates

Passenger Terminal - Murcia airport

Check-in counters:

Departures hall, level 0.
24 domestic and international check-in counters.

Security and passport controls:

Security control, level 1.
As a safety, all passengers must go through security checks before entering the boarding area, and on certain occasions, before boarding the aircraft. It is a common process at all airports crossing through a metal detector. Also, the security staff can order the user to remove the shoes and take out bulky clothes.

Hand luggage and everything you carry will be verified through an X-ray machine. Staff will ask you to deposit the items carried on trays placed for that purpose. laptops and tablets should be removed from their carrying cases. Devices batteries must be sufficiently charged, at least to be started.

Depending on the destination of your flight you must pass a new security and passport control before boarding

Boarding area:

Located on the passenger terminal level 1, the boarding area is accessed after passing the security and passport controls. Depending on your destination, the area has additional passport controls. There are 9 boarding gates, which communicate parking platform trought ramps and 2 optional telescopic walkways (passenger boarding bridges). People with reduced mobility (PRM) dispose of an elevator to access the platform.

Boarding gates:

Located within the Boarding area of the passenger terminal level 1:
Gates 1 to 9, level 1

Further information

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