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Murcia Corvera airport car rental companies are located at level 0 of the main Passenger Terminal, in the arrivals hall, and let you to choose from a wide range of cheap and luxury cars.

The companies have a wide range of extras of all kinds (GPS, Wi-Fi, baby car seats, etc.), which will allow you to move around the city comfortably.

Book now, avoid queues and secure a cheap car rental at the airport, although with ✔ Premium services.

Car hire search engine at Murcia International Airport (Corvera airport)

Car hire company: SIXT at Murcia airport

SIXT Murcia

Car hire airport terminal: Airport terminal, level 0.

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Car hire company: Europcar at Murcia airport

Europcar Murcia

Car hire airport terminal: Airport terminal, level 0.

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Car hire company: Goldcar-InterRent at Murcia airport

Goldcar-InterRent Murcia

Car hire airport terminal: Airport terminal, level 0.

Car hire company: Firefly at Murcia airport

Firefly Murcia

Car hire airport terminal: Airport terminal, level 0.

Parking areas for the pick up and return of car rental

Murcia airport has specific parking for the delivery and return of vehicle rentals. This car park is located close the passenger terminal. The entrance is exclusive for rental cars.

Parking for rental cars is free of charge.
The cars that park in these places without the corresponding permission will be removed by the tow truck, having to pay the amount of the tow truck.

Terms & conditions of car rental

The terms of car rental in Spain depend on the type of vehicle you wish to rent. The minimum requirements of most car rental companies are listed below.
  1. The driver must be in possession of a driving license with a minimum duration of 1 year. The driving license must be valid and without severe penalties, which can legally prohibit the driving of a vehicle. In case you do not have a Spanish driver's license, you can also present a valid international driver's license from another country, as long as it is recognized by Spanish legislation.
  2. The driving license must meet the specifications required for the rental of a car or truck.
  3. You will also be asked to identify yourself by presenting an ID or passport and a valid payment method.
  4. Most countries charge an extra tax for drivers, younger than 25 years. If you wish to rent a car in Spain, Península and Balearics, and you are under 25 years, you will have to pay an extra charge within 8 and 25 Euro (VAT included) per rental day and driver, and the amount could to vary depending on the car you rent, 4x4, sport car, van etc. Also the amount could to vary depends on car rental firm. In the Canary Islands could be more expensive.
  5. For the rental of specific car types, the driver must be older than 25 years.

Insurance and Coverages

Generally, the rental rate includes the basic coverages: for damage to third parties, damage to the insured vehicle or theft of the vehicle. Get more information if you want to update basic insurance coverage when you rent your car.

If the car is insured through a franchise agreement, this implies that, in case of damages, the contracting party has to cover the expenses up to amount of the franchise, while the company must pay everything beyond this amount. In case that you wish to avoid this franchise, you will be asked to pay an extra amount for each rental day.